Monday, May 31, 2010


Mum and Tessa and Fran and Na'uli
Poor Little Na'uli Fran is spending the night in hospital with her tonight on a drip for fluids and antibiotics and a small procedure tomorrow to follow....Hope all is okay and our thoughts are with you guys tomorrow....hope she springs back well....I'm sure she will she has such a lovely familyXXXXXXXX

Not a good day all round especially when I talked to Allie and she said Jonny cut his finger real bad today!!! I reckon thats 3 bad things for this family and hope our luck changes....

Sad Day In Le Bons Bay

Had a good day till about 4:30 when John came home rather sad with good reason.... He watched Mum and Dads Little doggy get run over!!!! Sad....He was a beautiful boy but did have a no fair attitude about the road...Hope he goes to doggy heaven....I had to be the bearer of the sad news to Dad when he got home from a meeting.....Hes gutted but not suprised that he went this way...... He was a bit of a free spirit and not the sort of dog you could always keep tied up....Probably the end of an era for Mum and Dad with dogs Dad reckons hes probably done with dogs>>>>

Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of my many collections

I am having trouble uploading photos its real slow and some of the time it doesn't work!!! Any hints out there????

Look at her beatifully knitted socks

I've had a pretty cruisy weekend and soooo glad the rain has stopped.......Had a day in the city yesterday and a visit to the Vakapunas household was glad to see most of them are better but felt sorry for little Na'uli shes a pretty sick little bubba only hope she is on the improve....had a lovely time with sofia she was my little pal for the couple of hours we were together....

Not much else to report on ...its that nice time of night in our house....clean bathed sleepy children....Quiet!!!! its all good.....will add a few photos for you to look at ....a few of my collections ...Zoes lovely old sewing machine (still goes,you have to turn the handle on the end for it to stitch no electricity She loves it) Two beautiful Russian dolls I have...I purchased one and was given the other from Mum and Dad for my birthday...We have a lovely russian family in Le Bons bay and Natasha brought a large collection of these dolls back form Russia and is selling them on behalf of a friend of hers...They are beautifully handmade and the detail is incredible....just thought they were nice to share....

Friday, May 28, 2010


A picture of my yesterdays efforts cake for us(which by today has just about gone)and one for my lovely Dad who is at home alone at the moment while Mum is away looking after her Dad.Thought he deserved a treat!

I can see this is going to take up lots of my time

ZOE & Me doing what we love to do
Well there goes one post completed and saved this time!! Will add a few random photos and videos for you to see what goes on in our lives here in Le Bons Bay and when we are out and about!!


Well I never thought I would start a blog but I've been inspired by my sisters and cousin inlaw and love reading theirs regularly so after a week of full on crappy weather and now that all my inside jobs are done I thought Iwould give it a hang in there with me while I sort this whole thing out....its already taken me a fair bit of time to write a post and then stupid me I didn't save it and bingo it vanished!!! so round two...

Today I've been trying to take the perfect image
of my coal range...Why i hear you ask......well a small group of us are in the process of creating a cook book as a fundraiser for our very cool but small Le Bons Bay School (10 students) and I am trying to think of a good image for the front cover. The style of the book is a kind of journey through the culinary history of the Bay and we are giving it an old feel throughout....Cool I hear you all say I'll buy one or even better I'll buy two!!!
I will let you know when its completed...Its going to be pretty exciting once its all done but so far has been quite a struggle to get it off the ground but sounds like we will have a mock up in the next few weeks.