Friday, May 28, 2010


Well I never thought I would start a blog but I've been inspired by my sisters and cousin inlaw and love reading theirs regularly so after a week of full on crappy weather and now that all my inside jobs are done I thought Iwould give it a hang in there with me while I sort this whole thing out....its already taken me a fair bit of time to write a post and then stupid me I didn't save it and bingo it vanished!!! so round two...

Today I've been trying to take the perfect image
of my coal range...Why i hear you ask......well a small group of us are in the process of creating a cook book as a fundraiser for our very cool but small Le Bons Bay School (10 students) and I am trying to think of a good image for the front cover. The style of the book is a kind of journey through the culinary history of the Bay and we are giving it an old feel throughout....Cool I hear you all say I'll buy one or even better I'll buy two!!!
I will let you know when its completed...Its going to be pretty exciting once its all done but so far has been quite a struggle to get it off the ground but sounds like we will have a mock up in the next few weeks.


  1. Welcome to blogland! The one thing I miss about our childhood home is the coal range! Look forward to reading more posts - and I hear you're a serial room re-arranger! (Frannie left a comment on someone's post - I happened to read it and smile) I can relate to that

  2. Yay! Hi Jen :) Well Fran is right I really did start something!! Just need Carmen to join us now, do you reckon she's got the time!! As for the cookbook, sounds great - put me down for one when they are finished xx

  3. Oh dear another blog to read!I've got 'Blog fever'--can't help checking them to read all the news and lovely ideas my nieces and sister come up with.I am inspired to start my own but don't know where the time is going to come from!
    Put me on the list for a recipe book too please.
    Aunty Nic Hervey Bay Qld