Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Absent I have been with very good reason!!

Hello there
Well how your life can become complicated in a very short space of time..remember the post I wrote about my precious 9 year old girl only a couple of weeks ago??Well last Wednesday we went on a journey we don't want to repeat ever again!! Zoe was unwell mon/tues last week and I took her to the local doctor at 9am on Wednesday and didn't return home until 12pm Monday.... Nice holiday I hear you ask?? well NO!! We Spent 5 nights in CHCH hospital. Zoe had to have her appendix out. So after a very long Wednesday in Acute Assessment it was decided that an operation was needed she didn't go in to have the surgery until after 11pm so her and I were not back in the ward until after 2am!!! Freaky and Horrible and very emotional seeing your little girl go to sleep under general anesthetic and then having to wait on my own in a horrible hospital waiting room all by myself waiting for news...She came through the op reasonably well and they said it was well infected and the next step would have been a burst appendix, so we thank ourselves lucky that was not the case as it can be very dangerous. So after lots of sleepless nights in a ward with 5 other children and there parents coming and going we are safely back at home and loving it.Zoe is improving daily but has lost a couple of kilos and is very tired and drained, so we are building her strength up as we can.....Coming out of hospital makes you very appreciative of fresh country air and sunshine cause I tell you what there is not much of that  in hospital!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday...OMG I hear you say!!! Jen Has Joined!!!

Well You ask what am i wearing today.....and there is a long pause of do you really want to know!!!!My good shorts(said i wouldn't wear them gardening) and a singlet top...all finished off with the most perfect of shoes!!! My red band gumboots...I am hot and sweaty and have dirt crusted onto my knees and dirt down my bra top from a massive hard out 3 hours in the garden!!My Lilly white legs poking out in between shorts and gumboots....So an absolutely pretty picture...But guess what i do have lovely freshly painted toenails and some very nice Peter McKay earings in...I will leave it up to you to paint a picture of how you think I look..........Don't get me wrong I love looking at what everybody wears and find you all very inspiring but clean  pretty clothes majority of the time don't work well with me and my very country lifestyle.Keep it up you lovely ladies...XXXX

Monday, October 11, 2010

Precious moments (tear jerkers)

Just thought I would share a beautiful squishy daughter  moment we had..The other day my beautiful nearly 10 year old daughter was with her Pa(Grandad) holding his hand walking along and she was in a bit of a moony mood and she said to him that she was so pleased that he had had Mum,cause she is the best Mum and he is the best Pa in the world!!! I repeated this to a friend this morning and we both had tears in our eyes...I think at her age she is really thinking about were in this world she fits in and obviously knows exactly how and what  she thinks  about the people around her....I then was talking to my friend about my rather traumatic birth with Zoe (which we both had tears in our eyes again)and it just puts your life back where it all started and makes you realize just how lucky I am to be her Mum....

Do you ever look at your kids and wonder just where they came from and how lucky you are that they choose you ..........mmmmmmmmmm funny way of putting it but kinda how she was thinking......She is my first born,my beautiful beautiful girlXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Heres the photos.....................

Cousins at play


I have managed more than looking after kids!!
Yummy Lemon Syrup

Bread rising

Delicious apple cake

My stack of cushions for our shop is growing

Zoe doing what she loves the most!!!

Willow having a ride

Zac and his trusty stead!!

Felixe on Lassie girl

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well the holidays are about to end, the children are being scrubbed and talk of an early night is so far on the cards...all is well in this house hold and the Mother sure is ready to see the kiddies off to school tomorrow,nothing personal my little chitlens but it feels like it has been kidfest here over the last 5 days, and all I seem to do is cook, clean, feed, feed ,feed and also referee a few minor issues, so its my time for at least a few hours tomorrow!!and as it happens its raining here and maybe tomorrow so a bit of crafting sounds like a plan.
I will add a few photos/videos of what has been happening around here these last few days..............

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hi to Zoe and Zac

Tommy and Hamilton
This post is for my kids...If they look at my blog while staying down at their Granny's......The photos are some Zoe took when she had her cousin staying and as you can see they love their dolls very much and wanted to photograph them...........sooooo cute ...and just incase you are missing your boys Zac I have added a photo of them..
Amelia, Pansy and Hannah

Opps forgotten who this doll is called..sorry Willow

Willows Calypso 
Anyway hope you guys are having a lovely time, miss you and love you and see you on Wednesday...