Friday, February 25, 2011

We feel so helpless!!!

Please anybody out there who has family or friends or someone they know of that needs somewhere to go we could easily find accommodation for them...water sewerage power etc all fine over this way....there must be some way we could help...can't stand the thought of people living substandard and now with the rain it just makes me feel sick inside PLEASE LET US HELP!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuff and Stuff and Stuff and Stuff

Its quite amazing when you think your garden isn't producing much, but you only have to take a look around or drive in the case of the 2kgs of wild blackberries me and the kids picked the other evening!!!
Our Tomatoes are finely ripening and the tele cucumbers are in full production mode...

Zoes all time favorites!! Double choc muffins proudly made by her before 8 am this morning...nothing beats warm fresh muffins in your lunch at school!!!
I can pretty much leave this very capable 10 year old to bake these on her own now,looks like I may be out of a job soon!!

The beginnings of a yummy picnic planned for this evening  I am supplying pudding(blackberry and apple shortcake) to go with the bbq meats, potato salad and other fresh Le Bons Bay garden delicacies!!mmmmmmmmmmm
 Hope you all have a great weekend...I have a child free weekend this weekend so lots to do and lots not to do!!! Possibly a sleep in, possibly a horse ride, possibly a spot of gardening and a shop to open on Sunday so we shall see what gets done!!! Ciao for now....Anyone out there with new blogs they are looking at that they love???Let me know, those who know me know  what I know, animals, gardens, craftiness, lovely lifestyley stuff and those who don't know what I'm about take a look back at some of my older posts, so any recommendations would be great!!! I never have enough time to go through the masses of blogs out there and seem a bit stale on the few I do look at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photos say it all !!!

Yummy homemade tomato sauce in the making

crazy baby chicks trying out roosting in the tree

Zoe at Pony club having a real good day 

Jade and Dad with Shiraz

Hayley on Frilly

Zac man with his 2 buddies

My latest item to go into the shop a handmade felt tea cosy, this is the front

and the back

This mornings kitchen creations...raspberry jam ans fresh blackberry jam yummy

Friday, February 11, 2011

An assortment of happenings!!


Zoe out in the bay

Captain Zoe and Willow on the Fox

Evening ride on the beach

3 of my favorite fellas XXXX

A new addition to the Le Bons Bay Library Shop!!! beautifully made by Allie

soooo cute

more of my clever sisters hand work

Colleens Crochet cotton dish cloths

a collection of critters,cards, crochets finger puppets,brooches recycled toys made from old blankets and Nana Trish's baby bootees

cute as a button bootees

Moki shoes, wool sack purses and old crockery pins

Friday, February 4, 2011

Anyone out there in Blog land want to move to Beautiful Le Bons Bay????

Check out this cool property only 2 mins drive to one of the most beautiful Beaches in new Zealand!!!

If you and your family are wanting to make a move to the country and like the idea of living reasonably remotely and self sufficiently then this could be for you!! This property is listed on trademe  check it out or let me know as I am the contact person for the property.

Busy Busy Busy Time of Year

I love reading peoples posts but I'm afraid to say that my blog is a little on the boring side at the mo....seems there is so much to do lately...anyone else finding that???I'm sure all you gardeners and preservers and jam makers out there are saying yes I hear you!!
A few photos of what I have been up to lately in the kitchen
Zoes 10th birthday cake

Apricot jam and bottled necterines

Yummy Tom and vege pasta topping

Feta cheese in the making

My made up cheese draining contraption