Friday, December 17, 2010

Here are my little super stars

Debbie(Zoe and Richie(Zac)

I'm a little hunk of tin sung by the little chaps!!1

Grease Lightning

The 4 oldest doing an amazing dance to sweet sixteen!!
Well we had a night that makes you real proud as parents last was our tiny little schools(11 kids) end of year melodrama...we laughed we nearly cried and we loved what we saw our kids achieve...the teacher is very passionate about drama and she can get the kids to do amazing things....Both my kids were superb they are both reasonably shy but you wouldn't have thought so last night...both great little actors that make sure they get nothing wrong!!! Zac wanted to do it again he loved it so much...and Zoe was so pumped she didn't get to sleep till after 11pm!!!

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  1. Looks great. Well done Zoe and Zac (or should I say Debbie and Richie? hehe)Sorry we couldn't be there this year. See you soon:)