Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update Update!!!

Well you may remember that a long long time ago I mentioned that a few of us keen crafty and talented folks in Le Bons Bay were going to open up the old historic library as an arty crafty,cute little shop to show off and hopefully sell some of our creations....well just after Christmas we did just that and it is going really really well!!!

Lots of keen and enthusiastic people who are willing to part with some of their cash have been coming through the door....which makes it all so worth it!!! I even had a lady today want to know if I would consider selling her some of my creations to put in her shop in Arrowtown!!!WOW Thats a bit cool...don't want to keep you waiting so here are the photos of  our little shop
We stock all sorts really there are lots of talented people and we have a great variety to choose from.We have stone carvings,handmade glass earrings,crocheted items, gorgeous knitted baby garments made by Fran of (FRANGIPANI),cushions,purses,canvas paintings,beautiful over the shoulder bags and screen printed t shirts made by Allie( LIFE IN B TOWN), gnomes knitted out of natural dyed and handspun wool,lovely items for baby made by the clever Clare of( GREEN VALLEY CRAFTS), gift tags and cards, beautiful handmade shoes made by Moki Shoes Aotearoa, pickles and jams,walnuts,juices,local fresh produce and more and more and more...
So if you are ever over in our little neck of the woods we hope you will stop by.


  1. Oh my, it looks sooo lovely!!! Wish I lived closer, would definitely stop in for a browse!!!

  2. what an awesome little shop you've managed to create - not sure I would ever get down that way but I sure would love to visit!

  3. Well done Jen!It looks so lovely.xo