Friday, February 25, 2011

We feel so helpless!!!

Please anybody out there who has family or friends or someone they know of that needs somewhere to go we could easily find accommodation for them...water sewerage power etc all fine over this way....there must be some way we could help...can't stand the thought of people living substandard and now with the rain it just makes me feel sick inside PLEASE LET US HELP!!!!!

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  1. Thats so sweet of you, we've just managed to book flights out today - otherwise we would have loved a visit to the Bay. Can you pass a message to Gary and Heidi Brittenden if you see them? Can you tell them "Nin, Gordon and Isla all ok. Momma and Derek have gone to stay with Steve on the West Coast this morning. I heard Tom was in the thick of it and so thankful he survived." Thanks xx Nin