Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do you like my new Blue Front Door???

Freshly painted and a slight colour change... out with the old in with the new!!!!!
We have started repainting the house and it looks good...lots of hard work by my lovely fella who never has enough hours in the day!!! We will have to put it all on hold till spring but what is done so far looks fab...


  1. “Do you like my new Blue Front Door?” – I totally love it! I don’t know the previous look of your door but the newly-painted one is gorgeous! May I know what shade of blue did you use? The color is not too strong and not too light. The blend is just right to make your door pop! [Danielle Bailey]

  2. What did your old door look like? I'm curious to see, 'cause the outcome of your new door was great! I want to see the transformation of your door. The shade of blue that you chose pops out and brightens up everything.

    Willene Fagen