Monday, October 11, 2010

Precious moments (tear jerkers)

Just thought I would share a beautiful squishy daughter  moment we had..The other day my beautiful nearly 10 year old daughter was with her Pa(Grandad) holding his hand walking along and she was in a bit of a moony mood and she said to him that she was so pleased that he had had Mum,cause she is the best Mum and he is the best Pa in the world!!! I repeated this to a friend this morning and we both had tears in our eyes...I think at her age she is really thinking about were in this world she fits in and obviously knows exactly how and what  she thinks  about the people around her....I then was talking to my friend about my rather traumatic birth with Zoe (which we both had tears in our eyes again)and it just puts your life back where it all started and makes you realize just how lucky I am to be her Mum....

Do you ever look at your kids and wonder just where they came from and how lucky you are that they choose you ..........mmmmmmmmmm funny way of putting it but kinda how she was thinking......She is my first born,my beautiful beautiful girlXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  1. Now I got tears in my eyes! Yes she's gorgeous. She's really growing up but still a beautiful innocent child. She (and you) are lucky to be alive and we're so glad to have you both. I often look at my two and wonder where they came from. How your life changes when you become a mother. Paula and I often ask each other what did we used to do before we had the kids and what would we be doing now if we didn't have them? We wouldn't have it any other way:)

  2. thats just so sweet.being a teacher i have seen so many kids her age that try hard to be older than their years :(, and i love it when i come across a kid like yours happy to be kid saying sweet things about her mum, *sigh*