Monday, March 14, 2011

On a positive note!!!

Gosh how life goes on for some of us....I have felt over the past few weeks a bit helpless, useless and other feelings in between, but when you look at the positives in your life you realize that family and the life you have created is so important it all seems to carry on!!! I feel very lucky but satisfied that I have chosen the life I have and being semi self sufficient and having a very handy resourceful partner things seem to all pay off...sometimes it feels like hard work , but at the end of the day if Le Bons Bay was cut off from the rest of the world no one would starve around here!!!
I have been out to the garden and beyond today and have 4 kg of tomatoes picked,cucumbers, delicious raspberries and blackberries,had fresh milk delivered and been up to Mum and Dads where you can pick or eat a huge selection of fresh fruit and vege..LUCKY!!!!
My pantry cupboards and freezer are over flowing with food squirrled away for the date I have made
Le Bons Bay Lodges Bounty of the day
Ricebubble slice and Belgium Slice
Camping girls in their new PJS
oops and the boy in new PJ s
Gorgeous girls
Biker boy Sammy
And Darcy
Cousins in heaven on the swings
Blackberries found on the roadside
Paula have a compulsory slow weekend
Wazza, Tessa and Na'uli
Carmen and Tessa
Apricot, blackberry, plum,and raspberry jams, I have made tomato pickle, marrow chutney, cucumber and pineapple pickle, Plum chutney., homemade tomato sauce, ratatouille  for the freezer, feta cheese from the fresh milk.I am yet to bottle pears and pickle beetroot...well once I have dealt with the latest 4 kg of tomatoes... But once again I feel very lucky we are in a position to do this stuff....
We had a pleasant but a little damp weekend away at the Glen Tunnel motor camp and were joined by Fran and Paula and the girls and visited by Carmen and Wazza and the kids on Saturday...All in all we had a fun weekend and for some reason came back feeling more tired than when we left...camping really needs to be for more than 2 nights for all the effort in getting ready packing and unpacking
Hope this finds you all fit and well and coping with the strains of the world at large!!!

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  1. yum, sounds good I want to come and stay! x