Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things could be changing round here in blog land...I feel a change coming on how bout you???

I have ordered a book of all my blog posts and photos over the last year, and thought that if I want to do the same this time next year then a fresh start would be watch this space as I learn from the start again...hopefully it will be bigger and better than the last!!! Will keep you posted..
As for the blog book...what a great way of printing a years worth of photos in one hit...and I think it would work out way cheaper, plus you get all your ramblings with it...mine cost $72.25 delivered not bad for a years worth of memories I say...Will wait to see what it looks like


  1. I reckon it'll be fantastic. Once you get it you'll be amazed that you have written enough to publish quite a substantial book.

  2. I have seen these advertised, and was thinking about doing the same,

    will be interested to see how it looks

    cheers Marie