Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Blog post especially for Nana Trish!!!!

Well I have had a complaint!!!!
What has happened to Jenny's Blog she hasn't written on it for a week.."its the highlight of my week reading it"
So this is for you Trish with lots of  Love from us here in Le Bons Bay
Was just having a bit of bloggers block!!! after our extremely eventful and stressful week last week nothing seemed quite right to post about..........
Doesn't mean nothing has been going on cause it has, we had a lovely weekend with Fran and Paula visiting and the cousins getting together is always a highlight..we love your little girls soooo much Frannie and I find it quite amazing the bond that cousins instantly have and it makes you realize how strong and important family is...our little lot all cousins  just seem to get each other, they are kind of in sync with each other...and I reckon we have the perfect mix of boys and girls and different ages(for those of you who don't know this family there are 9 cousins aged between 1 year and 12 nearly johns 2 girls mixed in there as well, and as far as boys and girls go i guess its a little lop sided with 8 girls and 3 boys  but it never really seem to matter)
Family means everything to  us and even more so through the tough time we have just been through..
So thanks to all of you who have contacted us  over the last 2 weeks  your emails, phone calls and just knowing you are there means a lot.


  1. We loved it too. I reckon our family is just beautiful. We always manage to put together a great picnic, have a laugh and best of all we can totally relax together. My kids adore their big cousins and it's so nice that they all play together despite the age range.

  2. Graet to see photos of my sister,brotherinlaw and great nieces and great nephew.(Also Penny).
    We hope thigs are getting back to normal now and we have been thinking of you all.

  3. I love that beach!! Seeing photos of it remind me of many a happy summer there with my cousins and extended family.