Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry readers I've had the flu!!!

Quick update before I go get the kids from school....Yah!!! its the holidays and even better nearly daylight savings!!
I have had a crappy cold flu thing this week and am just getting back on my feet today...
Haven't even been crafting,till this morning I whipped up a couple of funky cushions and if I could find the camera I would put  a photo on but will do when it turns up..Ii suspect John took it with him today!!! How dare he right when I need it...I would also put on a photo of the yummy scrummy baking I just did but you might just have to imagine it...caramel crunch slice and the best moist banana cake ever...
What else is news from me...We have 2 new additions to our animal family...2 black 8 week old piglets....Very cute now but must remind oneself that  best of friends ain't best!! Have had to have a talk to the kids about their future destination and have explained that it is better to know where your meat comes from than buying it at the supermarket where god only knows where it comes from...half the time not even this country!!! Probably hard for you townies to understand but what we are doing feels kind of right...
Eggs Eggs Eggs and more Eggs at our house ...I only wish I had more friends who didn't have chooks so I could give you eggs!!!!


  1. Awesome to have you back! Love the pictures. Hopefully Spring will stay with us now and kick Winter's bum into next year. Look forward to seeing your latest crafts.

  2. I'd love some eggs, I wish you lived closer!!