Wednesday, September 8, 2010

These were photos that I was supposed to post on Saturday

Life here in LBB is getting slightly back to normal...well if thats at all possible...Me and the kids vacated our house today as John had to take down our badly damaged chimney' nerves are to frayed to stand the noise of falling bricks on the roof so took refuge at my poor parents earthquake stricken house..I feel so much for them as their whole house was trashed severely... Mum has even had to empty and clean all her linen  cupboard as their hot water cylinder pipes all pulled off( not just wet sheets to dry but most had to be washed as they were stained by the copper pipes...and whats more it has been drizzling for the last 2 days and they also no longer have a fire as it was pulled apart!!! it makes me want to cry as I write this) Both Mum and Dad are gutted I can tell but are getting on with the massive clean up and organisation involved in putting a life times worth of collections and memories either in boxes till its safe to put back up or in the bin!!!! SOB SOB
Please all you bloggers who are living in areas not affected send out your love to those who have been as this is a very traumatic situation we have found our selves in...XXXXX
Pre earthquake dinner!!!
What I achieved the day before the earthquake!!!

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  1. Kia Kaha. I am feeling very much the same. Nerves=shot Sleep=little Thank goodness no one was killed. Big hugs.