Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess what? I am still here!!

Its been excuses really...only for this last week as I have had the flu cold thing going on!!! Yuck it can go away and stay away thats for sure..
My new found pasta drying rack..formerly a basket hanging rack

Drying over a towel rail

Hopefully drying out not sticking together
the fun part
More fun
Just thought I would share with you my pasta making effort...well 2nd time around it worked!! I thought it was a simple process and did a bit of research and that but I really #*!%#!ed it up... Then reread the quantities and had put to much flour and though ok then I will add some more egg...but no after much kneading I had a very hard unpasta doughish piece of !!!!! I slammed that down on the bench(the kids weren't home at this stage) and good luck to the chickens as it ended up in their scrap bucket.. I could have given up but little mister 7 had requested it for try number 2 did work once I followed the recipe...Still not as easy as it looks...I will share the photos of the more successful process...the rolling of the correct dough...anyway will let you know how it tastes with freshly made tomato sauce and pesto...all made right here at the lodge!!!

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