Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe I should re name my blog...seems it is a food blog any suggestions??

One of last weeks yummy dinners.....its a sweet and sour dish of deliciousness
Very successful pasta making with the Le Bons Bay school kids 

Drying while the pasta sauce was being made

Very happy children i tell you what the pot was clean at the end of it all!!!

Happy Girls
Todays effort I made 5oo grms of beautiful fresh butter from the cream off the top of our fresh milk that we are lucky enough to receive from a good friend up the hill....We are very fortunate that we trade with her for this white gold...

Bit of a messy process but well worth it

Check that out Yummy!!
The raw product

lots and lots of mozzarella yummy stretchy and  homemade..I checked out the price the other day...$10 or over for 250 grms...I made 500 grms today what a saving!!!

oops sorry the picture is upside down looks impressive though

Finished product
Left over in the process the whey which I send back up the hill for our pig they are feeding!!!


  1. Wow lucky kids what a cool experience. More of that should be happening in schools. It all looks delicious and so fresh and healthy at the same time.

  2. Just wanted to say that you blog is one of my favourites to read. I live overseas, but when I read your blog it makes me want to pack up and go back to NZ so I can make cheese, cook, bake and plant a big vege garden. Thank you :)