Friday, April 29, 2011

A sneak peak at my latest project...

Just been feeling the colder days and thinking what is it I'm going to make for our little craft shop for next season...we had a very successful time this year and plans are afoot to make it even better for next year!!! So now is the time to stock pile all that is to be sold next time round....Its the bit I like the best but coming up with the right items that people are going to buy is the big issue...sometimes you think people will love what ever it is you have made...and sure they look at it and ooo and arrr over it but they just don't buy it!!! then you wonder the price to it not well made enough...then you go no its none of that its just that they don't know what they are missing out on!!!
So watch this space over the next few months and see what it is I come up with
Laminated pages from old kids books Bunting!!

Heres the first project under way...I say these in a shop and thought thats doable and well with the local drapery closing down and the ribbon 1/2 price how could I resist....Its just so hard choosing which side of the book page to cut and also I sit and read the books and think its too cute to cut up...but on the other hand they are all cheap little garage sale finds and well I am reusing and recycling something that started its life out as a book and then became the hope that it brings joy to some little chappie or chapess's(is that a word?) bedroom wall...XXX


  1. great idea jen!! perhaps I'll work on some new ideas for some different things for the LBB shop too :)

  2. Hey, so what were the most popular items anyway??

  3. Don't tell me you've done all those already! They're looking very cool. I'll have to keep an eye out for more old books. I heard some of cushions sold so that my spur you on to make some more of those too. My Felt shop has been going quite well. I wonder if you should set one up for the Winter months...pity you can't sell your pickles and lemon juice and other yummy stuff on there though!

  4. Thanks guys
    Well for me it was jams,pickles,lemon juice etc...but for others a mixture...people like smaller priced little things,and anything a little out of the ordinary
    And yes you can look out for little old golden books for me to take to with the scissors...might try to sell some on trademe before I make any more and see if they are a runner