Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello There

Oh my goodness
There goes my raspberry bed
I have a sewing room but you wouldn't think so!
Zoes cupcakes
This little muppet loves my new cushions!
Johns slice
My latest craft (glasses case)

Well the rain has stopped!!! Will add a few photos of our back yard for you to see how the river behind our house broke over its bank and made quite a mess...luckily for us our house is perched up quite a bit higher up than the back fence...the water has all gone now and I hope not to see it like that again....
Check this out
And a few other photos of whats been happening here in the cold and wet east coast....


  1. OMG! Yea you're lucky your house is up a bit higher. Wonder how it was for the houses further down the creek?
    Hopefully your raspberries will survive.
    Mittens is soo cute.
    Did John make the slice or was it made for him?
    Love the glasses case. your hands must be just about on fire after this weekend's craft marathon!

  2. Wow....that looks a bit worrying. We live very near a river which does occasionally flood but we have an old disused railway embankment to protect us.....hope it doesn't happen to you too often. Pretty glasses case.
    florrie x

  3. Goodness it has been wet! Very cute glasses case :-)