Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its not fair..............

We had 2 really nice days in the weekend....nor west and starting to feel dry under foot, and the urge to kick my garden into shape I've lost it!!!! Its so damn cold again.....Anyway can't complain too much its still only August..plenty of time I tell myself
Today I have organised a coconut ice making session for the Brownies (we are having a cake sale on Sunday!!!! cause guess whos coming to Litlle old Akaroa...The ALL BLACKS!!!! there is quite a crowd expected so we thought we should try and make a bit of coin out of all the hungry bods around and may even an all black or two!!!I let you know how we go there...I'm so not into them and would know them if I tripped over them ....but I'm sure I can rely on someone to tell me who is who!!!
Also I made a  trial rin of cocnut ice this morning and it didn't really turn out !! the 2 layers didn't stick together...think I cooked it for to long, so will have fingers crossed that it works later today
I will leave you with a few photos of whats been happening round here
Ta Ra for now


  1. Woohoo for Zaccy's tooth coming out! Wonder if the tooth fairy will bring some money to top up your money tin?

  2. The Tooth Fairy did come and he did get some money for his very empty tin!!! He needs to save up for his next spending spree at Granny's

  3. Tasty treats and some strong men to view soon, what a treat. ha. ha. cheers Marie