Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pretty images from my flower picking spree yesterday...

Well the weather man was right!!! Not the snow yet but man has it rained....we have water pouring off the hills around us and there is no letting up....Pity me I have to go out in it and feed the gee gees soon...John is out in the shed creating...and I am inside dreading going out. Don't feel like there will be enough hours in the day today I have lots on my mind I want to do..
This is a great book to read
A few beautiful collection from the beach yesterday
Number 13 in my collection
Proteas,snowdrops,jonquils, rhododendron
Heres whats on my mind.....The dreaded vacuuming, Baking, Bread making, putting away the stacks of folded washing,filling the log baskets, eating something yummy(that has to come after the baking!), preparing myself for my 2 darlings coming home, and of course all the crafty things I have on my Mind...


  1. The brooch looks nice with a button.
    Lucky you to find some lovely colourful flowers at this time of the year

  2. its lovely to collect shells isn't it? my boys have so many!!