Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day at the show...

Well the funniest thing(well not that funny for those it affected)was that yesterday I was to help my sister show 3 of her young ponies at the chch show. I arrived at her place on Tuesday night to find out that her children had the vomiting bug...well the littlest miss one did in the afternoon followed soon after by little Mr 3...(I was also rung by my man who said my little chappie had the bug too!!!) We were altogether as a large family to celebrate a special girls 3 year old b/day on Sunday and they had had the bug over the thats where it came from.... so new plans were  to be made as we thought it not so fair to get someone else to look after the kids the following day while we were at the show( we were also panicking that the 2 girls i had with me and Mr 5 might also get it...let alone me or my sister)...So I went off to bed at about 11pm,and got up at 4:45am feeling like I hadn't had any sleep and took the ponies to the show without my sister!!! Poor Moosie I really did feel for her such a build up and then such a let down...but mummies have to do what Mummies have to do and that is take care of the little ones first and foremost.
I felt a little bit freaked at the prospect but got over it and really once I got the ponies finished off in the morning could hand them over to my sisters good friend to do the showing bit...cause I love my sister but its not really my thing taking them in hand into the ring...But all in all it went well and there were no dramas..I will post some pics of the cute little boys we took to the show..
El Devo ( behind) and Koromako

Tired boys after they were all done

Bit of an sisters partner is now sick and little mr 5 has a touch of something too.also another one of the cousins has had it can go away now thank you very much!!!

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