Saturday, November 20, 2010

WOW!!! cross that off the to do list!!!

Lemon and poppy seed muffins

Raisin and coconut biscuits 

and more

Banana Raspberry and cream cheese muffins

Looking down to where it all began today with a Maori welcome and blessing

My Dad giving a welcome talk to all

A little slice of paradise in many peoples eyes!

More food......
Some members of our family are lucky enough to be directly involved with the opening of a beautiful piece of land which has been purchased by a trust for the purpose of conservation and recreation...Today was the open day,the day started off a bit cloudy but we all had our fingers crossed that the weather would hold as lunch for 100 was to be out doors! Lucky for us it did hold off long enough for all to have a pleasant day I will leave you with a few shots of the food and all the fantastic people who came to see and support this fantastic conservation project which is here for all to enjoy now and in the future.My Mum and I did all the food for 100 people so a rough list would look like this...

10 dozen muffins of different flavours
3 roasting tray Bacon and egg pies
3 roasting tray vegetarian pies
120 BBQ sausages
6 loaves of buttered bread
4 loaves of asparagus rolls
3 batches of 3 types of biscuits
20 litre container of fresh lemon and elderflower drink
Tea and Coffee

It was a busy few days before getting organised and a major mission getting all the tables,cups,food,and everything else you think we would need to feed and serve 100 people up one of the steepest shingle roads in NZ!!! And then up a steep rugged farm track to the hut where we had to serve it...
It was all worth it with heaps of positive comments on the delicious food we made!!! So well done to us and all our helpers....

My Partner has been working on the hut over the last month getting it up to scratch for this day and for the future users of it...His list would look like this
Paint the very steep roof
Paint all the windows and doors
Replace the Rotten back door and part of the flooring
Replace the broken glass in the french doors
Stain the whole exterior
Install all new gutttering and flashings
Paint the out building
Keep the grass down around the hut and surrounds
And his list goes on into the future so he will well and truly keep out of mischief and can never say he has nothing to do!!!

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