Monday, November 15, 2010

What A Relaxing Weekend!!

Johns Artistic Photo
Me and my lovely were lucky enough to get the use of my parents camper van this weekend so all we had to do was pack some clothes and food and the rest was all there!!! Joy for campers they make going away rather simple....We took off on Friday afternoon feeling rather like  tourists  in our big white camper but soon relaxed into the lifestyle of having your home right with you...We cruised up to Gore bay on the coast but unfortunately the camp there was full so we drove on to the Hurunui river mouth what a beautiful senic spot...the small camp there was also full but lucky for us we could park high above the sea and enjoy a lovely view and listen to the waves crashing in...Next day we  drove to a small picnic spot further south down the coast called Nape Nape where we spent the day relaxing,walking on the beach,surf casting(with no luck),reading,sleeping,getting rather sunburnt,and people and bird watching...rather a nice way to spend a day....we then drove onto Motunau beach through the shingle back roads,  then out onto the highway and through to the Hurunui River(balmoral Park) camping ground where we spent our second was nice to spend the weekend at a slow pace but it does always feel funny going camping without the kids as really camping is all about kids having fun too....They were rather jealous of us having gone away and we are having to do some major planning for the next trip!!! WITH THE KIDS...don't think we will get away with that again for a while
Hurunui Inlet

John found a boat on the beach and took it for a spin!!!

Nape Nape

My arty Shot


  1. looks like fun jen whoop whoop

  2. I didn't realise you were taking THE camper. I thought you were taking the toppa gee! Well pretty luxurious then. Looks like you had an awesome time and YES we better get planning that next camping trip. Just this morning a certain 3 year old said "Mummy can I go camping with you?"!
    Love your artistic shots