Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally time to blog...

Well its been a while and just looking back at what we have been up to I can see why I haven't had any time for this...don't get me wrong I check out your blogs regularly but just haven't had the time for just a bit of a recap with whats been happening around here
Pet Day at Le Bons Bay School ............
* Zoe is now fit and well after her stint in hospital and proof of how good she was feeling  today she competed in her school fun races after pet day, sack races, skipping, egg and spoon etc, so all is good there
*Zac read out his first public speech aged 6 years and did a job that made his Mum real proud( considering I had to dose him up on Rescue remedy before hand cause he really thought he couldn't do it)He wrote his speech for pet day about his family pet Mittens(Cute as)
*They both made such a lovely job of all there entries for pet day from their sand saucers through to there canvas art and little felt softies.....
*I love it that my kids just get on with the work that is required of them and don't feel the need to brag, gloat or get upset about what or how well anyone else did or didn't do, they were just happy with what they achieved on the day....GOOD ON YOU MY LITTLE BUDDIESXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Zacs fruit creation

Zacs felties..chihuahua and Lion

Zacs canvas and cartoon sketch

Mister 6 giving his speech

Miss 9 giving hers

Zoes canvas

Zoes friut creation

Zoes flower display
What I have just written is not what I had intended to write and has taken oven from my original thoughts of letting you know whats been happening in the last few weeks...anyway thats another whole post maybe tomorrow night,just to give you a taster of whats to come think food, think gardening.......................

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