Saturday, June 11, 2011

about time I hear you all say!!!!!

After a couple of  " I'm missing reading your blog" comments I thought it time I resurrected the  problem...
I have been rather unwell for the last 3 and 1/2 weeks with a cold flu thing that has been so hard to kick...I have had antibiotics, I have had every home remedy and homeopathic  you can imagine(even tried drinking sage and fenugreek tea) but really it has been one of those ones that only time can cure!!! Today is the first day I could say that my symptoms seem to be disappearing....The rest of the house has had a touch of it but I seem to be the one it choose to attack the most!!! I just hope that I don't get it again for the rest of the winter..
Camembert growing its mould before wrapping

Cheddar cheese being weighted down

all the dishes and equipment used in the process

and more... I need a new room in the house to store it all!!
I have been keeping semi busy, but only doing what my energy levels allow so no major output really...the main thing I have been doing  lately is making Cheese!!! I have a very constant supply of fresh cows milk and I feel like some days all I do is process milk!!! Not a bad thing I hear you say!!! So Feta made, Camembert made, Lots of butter made from all the cream taken off the top, so what is left to tackle!! Hard cheddar cheese...that has been my aim today and I will keep you posted as to how it progresses I  have got the first step done today...

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  1. Wow!!! Those cheeses look awesome!! I hope you have some next time we're down!
    Also, you poor thing, I hope you get well soon! Thanks for blogging again! :) x