Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is where I get my milk from.............

Colleen with  Buttermilk and her calf

Two little monkeys who came to watch


Liam and Stuart



Calf trying to pose for the photo

Mrs Buttermilk

Check that out!!! That ain't all of it that's for sure

My cheese production in full swing

My latest devise for straining cream cheese
Thought I would share with you where I get milk from...My friend Colleen milks quite a few cows (well 5 at the moment) She doesn't milk by hand she has a small machine that milks 1 cow at a time but it takes up quite a bit of her time, as milking the cow is not the only job...bringing the cows in, cleaning them, milking, drafting them in and out, cleaning the bail, and putting the cows back in their paddock, then dealing with well today approx 25-30 litres of what a job...I brought milk home today that was warm enough for me to make feta cheese from without even reheating it!!! Can't get much fresher than that...I have Camembert, feta and cream cheese on the go and have enough cream to make a pound of butter tomorrow....pretty good I say!

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  1. Hi - planning a chch coffee for bloggers if you are keen for details flick me an email - fisherwhanau(AT)googlemail(DOT)com that cheese is so impressive!