Monday, June 20, 2011

Whats been happening around here........

Well yet another major shake to get over....just when we had all relaxed and weren't giving the E word a second thought....My kids are a bit more rattled this time round...I feel so bad for them as we are meant to be their protectors and the ones who reassure them that things will be ok...but yet again we find our selves not being able to do that....still having sleepless nights and the smallest of noises are freaking them out... well mainly little miss 10...we will get on but it does feel pretty odd that is for sure.... I am very aware of every thing I do and have these stupid planning sessions go on in my head... what if while I have a pot of milk(5 litres full to the brim for cheese making) on the stove and we have another good shake, and before I leave the house for anything what is  my plan if it happens again!! My priority is the kids but of course its not possible to have them with me all the I guess just always letting people know what I'm up to and where the kids are at is all I can do at this stage....Heres a few shots of what has been happening around here.... Mum and Dad had the builders sort their fire out last week and we have finally had them here also ...we have our brick chimneys taken out down to the floor level and new flues put in and sealed up...we are just awaiting the instillation of our new log burner but have our old one operational in the meantime, and also have the heart of our home( the coal range) up and running again.. no more expensive power bills the hot water is officially  turned off and free hot water from now on!!!
My Parents chimney reinstated after the September earthquake...just in time for the winter weather

Gone are the days of 8 metre high brick chimneys...out with the old in with the new!!!with a little bit of brick work just to remind us of the beautiful chimney that was there before September the 4th!!!

Check out that mosaic tile I made that!!!

Zoe  riding Shiraz in the forest

Zac the cowboy rider

Love that face

Buying a horse float has made after school winter rides at the beach to love it!!!

Earthquake proof pantry shelves!!!!...feel a bit more relaxed about all my jars of ingredients that ended up on the ground

Who would have thought!!! Its like living on a boat!!

My clever chap whipped me up a cheese cupboard this afternoon and look I already have cheese in it!!!

Yet to mature cheese in the process of drying out at the top and 2 waxed cheeses maturing in the bottom!!! Hope they are edible its the first attempt at making them....


  1. Yum cheese - you clever thing!! Ditto on the mosaic. Its just rotten about the earthquakes, but I'm glad you're all keeping warm over there.

  2. Yay woohoo yipee you're back!!!!! Good to see the chimney before we come over. I couln't really imagine what it was going to look like. Loving that tile-what a good idea. Good work on the earthquake proofing and cheese cupboard John.
    See you at the weekend

  3. Yay for the new chimney, just in time! The tile looks beautiful. xox