Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm mucking about with crochet....

A while back my sister very bravely tried to teach me to crochet!!! Just like once my mother tried to teach me to knit... Anyway the hat I tried first up turned out doll size when it was eventually finished after much undoing and frustration on my part and my sisters...I have since had a few books out of the library,which I have looked through( I swear I am following instructions illiterate!!!) and the only way i think I am going to learn is trial and error...I think the stitches i have made are unknown to anyone else and I may never be able to produce them again...but that is what makes my designs so unique!!! one off pieces...

Here is a couple of photos of my creations(nearly completed brooches)...I think they look ok...Mr on the couch watching telly gives a grunt when I show him so not much help there and the kids are away at their Dads this weekend and they are usually my positive indicators of what is cool and whats really its up to you readers out there to give these the nod of approval...Don't hold back now will you!!!
I have also given you a sneak peak at what is also happening!!! Can you see a little string of these(cute little beach houses) kind of like bunting!!! I'll keep you posted on these and the others I have planned


  1. The brooches are snazzy!I love the beach house applique-so cute!Thought it was a brooch too?Looks like it would have been fiddly to make,but absolutely original & gorgeous.x

  2. I love the little house it's so cute!