Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Rainy School Holidays

Well hope the whole holidays aren't like this in the weather department.....I am going to have to plan a few indoor projects for my two to do cause the "I don't know what to do" has already set in.
Maybe I should write a long list of all the things they can do and  each time they say that they have to go choose an activity off the list....

Heres a few things I might add to the list for rainy days

****Sewing(Zoe has a very cool old sewing machine to use)
****Needle felting, this is something both my kids love to do
****Making a felt softie
****Baking something yummy
****Playing Lego,  playmobil, sylvanian  families
****Making a collage out of magazine pictures
****Writing a letter to someone
****Building a big farm with all the beautiful blocks and animals they have

I think this list idea is quite a good one because they so often forget about all the toys they have in the cupboard and just need a nudge in the right direction....My two little lovelies play together so well unlike a lot of siblings and considering I have a boy and a girl and the 3 year age gap I feel very lucky that they do get so involved in their games together...Alot of people comment on how well they get on and that they wished their kids did the same... I couldn't imagine it any other way they have always had a real close bond and I hope that it lasts forever!!
Heres a photo of them this morning...its nearly 11 am they are still in their PJs  but so involved in a big game with all their Lego how could I stop it ...although i will have to soon as I have jobs outside to do in this horrible weather that I will have to drag them along to...Feeding the horse, feeding a friends cats and taking some photos of a house I need to list on trademe for rent....
Anyway hope all you parents are having a nice time with the school holidays....I do love not having to rush in the mornings...

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