Saturday, July 3, 2010

I have had a great day thanks to my lovely man

Today Mr Me went off to Christchurch (1 1/2 hrs away for those of you not familiar with where I live) to pick up his girls  and he took my two with him, they were all going to the movies (shrek) and doing the grocery shopping before coming I have had a day to myself....and what have you done I hear you ask....well it was so frosty outside this morning that when I looked out the window I decide that I didn't really want to venture out to all the dishes got done, the vacuuming  got done, the washing was put on and ready to go out the pile of washing got folded and the pile of clothes in each bedroom got put away, then off outside after a cuppa to hang out the washing( I am sure plenty of you like to hang your washing out to try and dry but some days I do wonder why I bother!!! the sun was only on the line for a 3 hours,not enough time to dry Jeans thats for sure!!), so since hanging it all out I have now brought it tn and hung it inside to dry...should have just done that it the first place!! Blah Blah Blah...washing smoshimg you either love it or hate it depending on your mood
anyway back on track....the horses got their hay( after I had to walk about 2 kms(slight exaggeration) to the top of the hill to find them and bring them down.... my choosen 2 out of the 4 of them got to come down to the house for a brushing session and a bucket of yummy food...wonder if the other 2 that were left behind are mad that they missed out...might be there turn tomorrow...funny story(if you like horses read on ....if they bore you stop reading now....) my little minature hates having a cover put on but somehow I managed to a bout a week ago to put it on him...well guess what now I can't take the damn thing off!!!! I can't put my hand down to his chest to undo the strap!!! he pulled me halfway round the paddock and ripped my hands to bits(another slight exaggeration)  so haven't tried again...will have to wait till my right hand man can help me....
Naughty pony on the right!!
I have been down to photograph a house I am going to list on trademe for rent (anyone out there with primary aged children wanting to rent a house in lovely Le Bons Bay????) I have since gone to upload the photos I took and realised that I didn't have the memory card in the camera so that was a big fat waste of time!!!! have to go back down tomorrow...
So all in all a pretty good day and made even better by the fact the sun shone all day...

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  1. Bummer about the photos. It was a good day to take them too! Good idea to mention it on here...let's hope for some more cool people with awesome kids to bump up the school role and join the community