Saturday, July 17, 2010

time for a blog update...must have been busy,its been over a week

Well the holidays have nearly ticked on by and the kids have had a pretty fun filled holidays..Zac and Zoe went to Timaru with their Dad during the week to visit their Granny and came back full of smiles!!! ( thanks Granny if you read this...they are always so excited about coming to see you...especially Zac but I think the  excitement comes from the pocket money burning a hole in his pocket!!!  and of course seeing you..)
.While Zoe and Zac were away, John and I went on a road trip(and train trip) to pick up our new car from Blenhiem ...we stayed at Frans on Monday night and caught the early train to Blenhiem picked up the car then drove to some dear friends for the night in Kaikoura,thanks for the great catch up you guys and of course it is never long enough!!! We love our new car very different to what we are used to driving...
While we were away we did over a few op shops and I picked up a couple of cool half aprons, and an even cooler green paisley dressing gown,its made from viyella(100% wool) the kids think I'm a bit mad if I wear it and I think John does too!!!! But too bad I will do what I want...I also got heaps more cushion inners to put new covers its all good
The rest of the week the kids have played and we now have Jade and Hayley here for the weekend...
Today Carmen and Zoe and I went for a horse ride, Carmen first ride in 5 1/2 years!!!! she breeds ponies but doesn't ride them....So she had a great ride and will probably have a sore backside tomorrow!!
The last photo is of a piece of art Zoe made the other day its on a canvas covered in material and then lots of little bits and pieces placed on it...


  1. Dear Zoe, Zac,Jenny and all,

    Yes, Granny is reading the Le Bons Bay News now that I have the blog site. I think Zoe was rather surprised that Granny knew what blogging was.

    We had a lovely time here in Timaru and the weather was fabulous.
    We did the shopping thing with the pocket money. Zac was very pleased with his purchase but Zoe saved hers for another day because nothing really popped up that she wanted.
    We also did the Op Shop and Tristan bought himself a warm work shirt. We do love bargains in this family. Love the Viyella dressing gown Jen, can just see you in that.

    I regret to say that I didn't take any holiday photos to send for you to post but will do better next time.

    Thank you Zoe and Zac for the lovely felted wool brooches you made for me. I have worn them to work and had some lovely comments about them.
    You both made such a lovely job of making them.
    Have you hung up the stained glass butterfly and dolphin you made when you were here? I bet they look lovely with the sunlight shining through.

    Love that piece of artwork you have made Zoe and if I look very closely I can see the patchwork quilt I made you for your fifth birthday.

    Well must get off now and not hog the blog.

    Love to you all,
    Grandma Jenny.

  2. Lucky guys-that's a lovely comment from your Granny:) Hey Jen you didn't tell me about the aprons and that corker dressing gown. Might get to see you in it if we come over at the weekend hehe.