Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nothing beats the look on kids faces when they cook over an open fire

Get this....2 mothers, 4 children,1 dog, 6 cows, in a paddock with a bonfire hoping to cook Damper.....children get still raging....too hot to cook anything....
A bit of improvisation goes on and ta da we have a nice little bed of embers in an old kerosine tin which we found in the paddock...The kids found a good cooking stick each and I guess the photos show the rest.....Yummy(partly blackened, partly doughy in the middle Damper scones on a stick... The kids had a blast so did the mothers... lots of laughter and many burnt looking creations....especially Janes she insisted cooking hers on the very large roaring bonfire...But we had fun, we were outside(even though it was raining a bit) in the fresh air we were warm(very hot red faces and hands and we laughed heaps...what more could you want for a day in the school holidays 


  1. Wicked fun! Isn't it cool that you can recreate those experiences that we had with your kids

  2. I loved what you did today Jenny it was lovely to see all the kids laughing. I had to ask Graham what damper was. Well done Jenny. Lots of love Trish