Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ahhhhhh what a weekend

Well the country went to the city this weekend...and lots of fun was had by all. John went off to the coast with his girls so they could visit their grandparents and I took my two in to spend some time with their cousins and as it happens their Mama and Pa and various other family members. We had a busy but fun time. On Friday night we went to The Sound of Music performance by St Margarets and Christs College it was great and even little Sofia (2 1/2)came and was a dream to take. The performance was 2 hours and a bit long and we didn't get home till 11pm so a late night for the kids.Saturday was spent shopping, eating taking the kids to QE 2 swimming and then a bit more eating and then once the tribe were put to bed a bit of crafting followed by a cuppa tea and a bit of yummy baking.
And today we trouped off to the Riccarton Market in some not very nice weather and were joined by another sister and 3 more kids.Pa took the boys off to the airport to watch planes come and go and do a bit of grandson bonding while all the girls went browsing the market...As per the photo I purchased a awesome old cake tin which is in great condition and an enamel teapot to add to my collection,how many teapots does one girl need I hear you say!!!,well as you can see in the other photo I have a few and guess what I don't think I have finished good thing I do use them all, not at the same time of course but different people for tea usually means a different teapot I was also lucky enough to get the 4 little glass bowls from Johns mum(thanks Trish) and I am kicking myself a bit because at the market I had looked at 6 little frosted glasses exactly the same and forgot to go back and buy them....I find I never have enough time at a market like this one and feel a bit pressured to get around and things I see at the start and don't buy in case I see something else seems to get forgotten...So to all you cool stall operators out there group together would you so that I don't forget about you!!!!


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I did like your needle felted brooch, cheers Marie

  2. I'm loving the Petra on the top shelf! I've been collecting Petra for 17 years now :)