Friday, June 4, 2010

Here is the picture to go with Zacs yesterday comment.....

and a few more of what we have been up to today...the dreaded cross country!!! But guess what they did it both of them!!! Didn't think either of them would at one stage on in tears feeling sick and the other clinging on really tight.....But a few bribes did the trick!!! LOLLIES........They ran to the best of there ability and didn't come in last so thats all good....Its amazing when they accomplish something they thought they couldn't do it really pumps them up they both said they could do it again...

Another photo is the cool pincushion I made....found the pattern in the newspaper the other day and had the perfect cup almost the same as the one in the pattern picture...didn't take long to make...I didn't need a pincushion I already have a few but it was so cool....maybe I should make them to sell...would give me a good excuse to go secondhand shopping to look for cups... It was quick to make ...thats what I like

Allie was over for a visit yesterday..we sat around crafting all morning she was crocheting flowers to go on a cool scarf she has made....and me I was sewing domes on the cushions I have made....I hope to have all new cushion covers this winter and have made a good start at it so far with 4 completed

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  1. Hey mum was telling me about these,aren't you just a speedster! These would be good for the 'craft-it-round' that I have joined