Friday, June 25, 2010

Tired Tired Tired Today

I thought that when you didn't have babies but bigger little people you didn't have sleepless nights anymore!!! But thats not true....My big girl couldn't sleep last night so up and down I got...Nothing that a mattress beside my bed didn't fix tho...a bit of security is always good..But I think we will pay tonight she will be pretty tired so off to bed early I say.
We have yet another drizzly all day and I plan to get something crafty achieved today as I haven't got onto anything this week...I'm still making the needle felted broaches. I got some nice new colored pieces of wool the other day at Hands Ashfords(Man I love that shop) , unfortunately I had a little person with me when I went there so couldn't spend as long as I wanted in there!!! Damn I must plan that better.

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