Saturday, June 12, 2010


Maybe I should just have a recipe blog....every time I make something I think to myself I bet my followers would like this recipe.
Would love to see some of your family favourites... I tend to cook what the majority in our house likes otherwise I would cook what I like and that could be a problem cause guess who would get to eat it all!!!!
Anyway heres the recipe to go with the photo...has been a long time fav and used to be my favourite to make when I was just a little girl(seems like soooo long ago)


4oz butter
3 T honey
2 DSP carob (or cocoa)
4 cups rolled oats
2/3 cup skim milk powder
1 cup sultanas,(or raisins) sunflower seeds, walnuts etc

melt the butter, honey and cocoa together, add the milk powder followed by the other ingredients, mix well and press firmly into a greased slice tin. Refrigerate until firm ,cut and store in a container in the fridge.


  1. oh dear me. I think I must go make that immediately! Yum! (ps if you are interested you can go over to my blog and click on 'in the kitchen' in the tags and that will bring up all my posts about food!)

  2. Hi there!
    You don't know me, but I tried making your slice today and it FAILED. Just wondering, am I doing something wrong? There just seems to be a heck of a lot more dry ingredients than wet, so what I've ended up with in my baking tray is crumbly rolled oats, not a slice. No matter, it'll be lovely with yoghurt on for breakfast!
    Cheers, Clare :)

  3. Hello there, just found your gorgeous wee blog. What a stunning place you live in! This recipe looks like just the think I need to make for lunches this week :) Thanks very much!