Thursday, June 17, 2010

My idea of heaven.mmmmmmm nothing beats a cuppa and cheese and crackers

Well I never no what my day is going to bring...I never really plan to much but always seem to have not enough time in a day....Firstly the kids are the most important then once they are at school,its the horses who are next( I have 4 to feed and I'm also looking after 2 others for some friends)so that all takes time...its covers on or covers off sort of weather down here at the moment so thats a big decision for the comes the firewood one wheel barrow load for the log fire , and one for the coalrange...the must be time for a cuppa and a browse on the amongst all of this I have half an ear on the national radio( i hear you say what do you listen to that for I thought only the older folk listen to that)...but no I am an avid listener...well sort of I love alot of the interviews and think that if I'm cruising around the house I may aswell be listening to something informative but there are parts of it I hate the fact that the news seems to sometimes be for 1/2 an hour every 1/2 hour and that sometimes I find myself singing along to some out there tunes...anyway we don't get any other radio stations very well in this neck of the woods....Blah blah blah

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  1. Hee hee, I love cheese and crackers too and tea. And you even have the same tea cup as me! From Nelson aye! AND I listen to national radio constantly from about 8am till 6pm when christian gets home and turns it off! He thinks its boring!