Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whats on my needles

Quite a few years ago a good friend helped me to dye a bulk lot of wool which I then spun and knitted into a jersey for myself...I never felt quit right in it and hardly ever wore it so it has been undone( pretty hard to do considering I am a bit of a slow knitter!!!) and I am now making a vest for my daughter Zoe to wear(this winter I tell myself!!!) surely I will get it done. I have so many things crafty on my mind and now have a bit of pressure on to help open a small shop in our old library over the summer months, which will take a bit of planning.I hope to sell homemade preserves, jams pickles etc...but would love to hear from anyone interested in selling some of their wares through this outlet...the more stuff the better I say...(and yes my two sisters allie and fran and fellow bloggers I am already counting on the two of you!!)